Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing Rancho CucamongaIf you have hardwood flooring in the home, your goal is to keep from refinishing it by maintaining its original beauty. If you have stains on your floor or excessive dirt buildup, its time to call us. We are trained to care for your wood floor with the same professionalism we apply to all of our work.

We can remove crayon, pet stains, eliminate scuff marks, remove stubborn water spots and embedded dirt. Water spots can be a real problem causing some people to refinish the floor.

Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing Rancho Cucamonga

There are several types of wood floors such as laminated wood, hardwood, bamboo, pine, and other woods that have been recently introduced. We are trained in cleaning every one of these flooring materials. There are as many cleaning products as there are wood floor types, if not more.

Wood is a natural decorating element and caring for it requires appropriate maintenance. This will ensure your wood flooring remains beautiful. All hardwood floors will either fade, or darken, or change shades with time. Regular cleaning and professional maintenance will prolong the life and appearance of your hardwood flooring. Consider giving us a  call before the need for costly refinishing or replacement arises.

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