Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Rancho Cucamonga CA

Anyone who has attempted tile and grout cleaning on their hands and knees knows what an unpleasant and backbreaking job it is. You can scrub and sweat for hours and the grout still doesn’t come out as clean as you’d like.

Why put yourself through the stress and frustration? At Good Faith Carpet Cleaning we can clean your tile and grout for you and get it looking as close to new as possible – with no strain on your part.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Some cleaning products can actually harm your grout if not used correctly. For example, acid based cleaners sold at home centers and used by many companies can harm grout by making it more porous. This allows dirt and oils to penetrate deeper into the grout, making it much harder to clean afterwards.

Good Faith Carpet Cleaning uses the latest tile and grout cleaning technology and our products have been tested by grout experts for reliability and quality. We have over 30 years of experience in flooring installation and maintenance, and know how to perform your tile and grout cleaning properly.

First we apply a professional grade cleaning solution to your tile and grout. Next we scrub the floor and let the solution soak in to loosen the deeply embedded soils. Then, using our truck mounted cleaning system, we deliver water at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees and 800 pounds per square inch to your floor, cleaning  like no other method will.

As we clean, our enclosed system immediately vacuums up the hot water and tile and grout cleaning solution, and pumps it out of your home or business along with years of dirt, grease and grime. No muss or fuss, just a sparkling clean floor. Many home and business owners do not realize how dirty their tile and grout was, until after cleaning, they look across their floor and see a picture of cleanliness and beauty.

Our services also include grout color sealing. If you just want to refresh the look of your floor by changing the color of your grout, we can change it to any color you choose. Or if it is necessary to cover those stains that have soaked so deeply into the grout that no amount of scrubbing can remove them, we can still make your grout look like new.

Let us beautify your floor and save a substantial amount of money over replacement. Call today for more information!

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